Get to Know Jenna's Approach.

How did I get here? Why does this hurt so much? Am I the only one who feels like this? Where is God in all of this? Is there any hope that my life can be different?

Maybe you feel really alone. Maybe your emotions are feeling overwhelming. Maybe you find yourself falling into the same patterns in your relationships. Maybe it all just feels like too much. Maybe you’re unsure about your next step.

You’re here because you want something to be different.

Jenna’s focus is in helping teens and young adults find healing, freedom, and confidence in their relationships - with themselves, their emotions, their bodies, and the people in their lives.

Wherever you are in your story, Jenna is a therapist who wants to meet you right there. With gentleness and curiosity, she will seek to help you understand the meanings woven into your story so far. Together in therapy, you can practice writing a new chapter. Sometimes this looks like learning skills for coping with distressing emotions in the present. Sometimes it’s exploring the ways we have been wounded in the past. Sometimes it’s dreaming about possibilities for the future.

Compassion and hope are woven into each aspect.

In terms of approach, Jenna operates within a narrative therapy framework and incorporates mindfulness-based, trauma-informed, and attachment-oriented perspectives within her work. She is also a Certified Dialectical Behaviour Therapist (C-DBT). She believes that much of life is shaped by our stories and our relationships - with God, ourselves, and others. Her counselling work is shaped by her Christian faith and the deep love and security she has experienced through Jesus Christ.

She would be honoured to step into your story with you and see what different can look like.

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How long is each session and much does it cost?

Each session lasts 60 minutes and costs $120. Some sliding scale spots are available.

Do you offer virtual therapy?

Yes. While my office is located in Georgetown, ON, I also offer video sessions.

Do you do couples therapy or child therapy?

No. I specialize in working with teens and adults on an individual basis. I am happy to refer you to other therapists who can offer couple, family or child therapy.

Will my insurance cover your services?

As a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), my services are covered by most insurance providers.